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Targeting Small Businesses for Efficiency Giveaways

Free LED bulbs and faucet aerators help save energy and money

By: | June 29, 2016 7:45 pm

Xcel Energy is showing its appreciation for area small businesses by offering a free LED bulb giveaway program to help small business customers save on monthly power bills.

Xcel Energy’s Direct Install program provides free installation of LED light bulbs and faucet aerators for qualifying small businesses served by the company in six eastern and southeastern New Mexico counties. Businesses with less than 100 kilowatt peak demand (the highest point of a customer’s consumption of electricity) can qualify for the installations.

The importance of efficiency in New Mexico

“As the New Mexico economy grows, so does the demand for electricity,” said Mike McLeod, regional manager for Community & Economic Development in Roswell. “Part of our plan to meet that growing need is to help our customers use energy more efficiently, which frees up resources for new customers. For small businesses, this also can lead to significant savings that can be reinvested into expansion and job growth.”

The Direct Install program is a great way to start on that road to savings, McLeod said. LED lights use at least 75 percent less energy and last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lighting, according to information at Aerators save hundreds of gallons of water annually, which helps save on electric water heating costs.

Xcel Energy also offers free assessments that can provide information on investments commercial customers can make on their own to complete the energy efficiency picture. Xcel Energy helps by offering rebates on the upfront costs of installing energy efficient equipment, and the monthly savings can be significant enough to recoup the cost of the investment in a short amount of time.

Businesses and other types of organizations can participate

And it’s not just businesses that can take advantage of these programs. Schools, daycares, houses of worship and any other commercial user can qualify for Direct Install and other efficiency programs. Valley Christian Academy in Roswell has already taken advantage of the Direct Install program and is seeing positive results. “Xcel Energy’s Direct Install Program was an amazing blessing to our school,” said Sabrina Prairie, finance officer and IT administrator for Valley Christian. “We were lucky to have the bulbs replaced in our classrooms and other common areas. This program is such a great help and they were very professional and quick with the replacement.”

Interested in the free efficiency items…or want to learn more?

To find out if your business or organization qualifies or to schedule an appointment for the Direct Install visit, contact Xcel Energy at or call 575.208.7405. You can also learn more about energy-saving initiatives and rebate programs at


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