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Tips to manage energy this fall

Minimize excess energy usage throughout the winter

By: | December 15, 2006 8:13 am

If you’re like many other building operators, fall is “all systems go” time to find ways to minimize excess energy usage throughout the winter. You may be considering which energy efficiency projects will be effective and where to focus your investments. After all, energy improvements can increase your profit margins and ensure your employees and customers are comfortable during cold-weather months.

We make it easy to prioritize your energy efficiency efforts by focusing on areas now that will pay off later.

1. Transition to LEDs

LEDs are the new standard of high performance lighting. With prices going down, it’s a good reason to transition to LEDs. You’ll benefit from the technology’s efficiency and long life—along with less maintenance required. By upgrading your interior and exterior lighting to LEDS, you can save with the many lighting rebates we offer on top of the quick energy payback.

2. Tune-up your boiler

The State of Minnesota deemed October HVAC System Awareness Month to bring attention to the vital role HVAC systems serve to building occupants, the environment and energy efficiency. When thinking about your HVAC energy improvements before winter, tune-ups offer easy rewards in efficiencies and carbon emissions. Tune-ups also save energy and wear-and-tear on your equipment, and that’s better on your bottom line. For little investment, you can earn our rebate of 25% of the cost and/or up to $250 for each boiler biannually.

3. Conduct heating system maintenance

From no to low cost to major equipment upgrades, this is a good time of the year to take a healthy look at all the ways your heating systems will affect your energy bill throughout the winter. There are many additional maintenance projects, from wrapping your pipes, replacing or repairing steam traps, or installing variable frequency drives (VFDs) to air handling units and fan motors. Plus, you can take advantage of rebates we offer making all of these improvements more affordable.

4. Put technology in the control seat

Building controls serve as an extra hand to do what you automate them to do, from controlling lighting, temperatures, humidity, and even refrigeration. You can save time, gain control, reduce energy and money. And, it keeps people healthy and safe by monitoring and handling levels of naturally occurring pollutants throughout the building. Every building system has unique control system opportunities that can be automated to your specifications. To earn rebates, we will work with you to determine a cash incentive based on the energy savings potential of your control systems.

Get started saving

Find out if you’re eligible for prescriptive and custom rebates and receive assistance with completing and submitting rebate paperwork. For more information, call your account manager or an efficiency specialist at 855.839.8862, or visit

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