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Simple Control Technologies Help Cooling Efficiency & Savings

HVAC controls direct energy use to where it is needed

By: | August 18, 2014 12:51 pm

It’s certainly not well known, but it’s true. Over the past several years HVAC and especially cooling efficiency capabilities for business and office buildings have advanced. In fact, performance improvements in overall energy efficiency can be as much as 15% to 25% better than just decade ago, thanks to control technologies.

Not rocket science, just simple automated controls.

Simple controls applied to HVAC applications are now helping reduce energy consumption across cooling systems—all while keeping buildings comfortable. Two simple processes now having success are:

Scheduling – This turns the cooling unit off or on, depending on time of day, or week, or on other variables such as outside air conditions.

Lockouts – This is a function that can override the schedule and keep a cooling unit off. This can be used for unoccupied parts of a building.

Working together, scheduling and lockouts help achieve new levels of cooling energy efficiency, without sacrificing the comfort of building occupants.

Similar to Just-in-Time Manufacturing, HVAC controls direct energy use to where it is needed—when it’s needed. And this makes for improved energy efficiency.

Thinking of an upgrade in cooling efficiency? No better time than now.

If your business is using an older cooling system, you’re missing out on savings now and in the future. You are possibly wasting energy, having to run your cooling system longer and at higher levels just to keep your facility comfortable. And by not taking action with control technologies now, you’re also missing out on rebates to make the initial cost of an upgrade more affordable.

Just look at the benefits that your business could have with a new, energy-efficient cooling system:

Reduced energy use
Remember cooling is typically the second largest electricity expense in commercial buildings. The latest energy-efficient cooling technology can save money to boost your bottom line.

Reduced maintenance costs
Stop wasting dollars on operating disruptions along with the headaches of repair by investing in a new, more reliable system.

Avoid costly emergency replacements
Planned equipment replacement generally costs less than an emergency purchase, and same-day replacement options are often limited, leaving your tenants or customers in the heat.

Immediate cash back
Whether you replace your entire cooling system or just specific components, Xcel Energy offers a wide range of cooling efficiency rebates that can lower the cost of making upgrades.Competitive advantage
Using your resources in the most prudent way provides you an operational advantage in your market. And today the bottom line is tighter than ever.

Fast return on investment
In recent years, the efficiency of cooling systems has greatly improved, so you’ll get a faster payback than ever on your cooling upgrade project.

A better, more comfortable environment
Having a comfortable workplace equates to happy employees and happy customers. And both are good for your business.

Rebates get things started – right now

We can help you off-set some of the up-front costs so you can begin to enjoy the benefits of a newer, energy-efficient cooling system that’s better designed to help you save energy and money for years to come.

Learn about all the available rebate offers for businesses. Or call 1-855-839-8862 to talk to an energy efficiency specialist about how much money your business can save with energy efficiency improvements.


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