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Nissan Leaf Rebate

Rebates and tax incentives for all-electric car

By: | April 2, 2018 5:39 pm

Nothing goes together like spring air and that new car smell. And some early deals are already making 2018 a good year to consider an electric car purchase.

What’s even better? This year there are more electric cars to choose from and they have more comfort and safety features and extended driving ranges.

Incentive now available: Nissan® Leaf® $3,000 rebate

Xcel Energy customers and employees can now take advantage of a $3,000 electric car rebate if purchased before December 31, 2018. Additionally, you can earn a Plug-In Electric Vehicle Federal Tax Credit of up to $7,500. Always consult a tax specialist to learn more about eligibility. Also, check to see if your state has other incentives.

To get started, connect with a local participating Nissan Dealer listed here. Just provide a recent Xcel Energy bill to the dealer to ensure you receive the rebate. Employees can provide their Xcel Energy ID.

2018 Nissan Leaf features:

  • 150-mile range
  • e-Pedal gives you the option to drive with one pedal, making your ride simpler and more energy efficient
  • Available Intelligent MobilityTM  technology to make highway driving easier and less stressful
  • New safety technology with available pedestrian detection braking
  • Available Intelligent Around View® monitor provides a bird’s eye view of your car’s surroundings.

Good time to go electric?

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration1, national gasoline average prices have been slowly rising over the past 18 months to around $2.50 a gallon2. With Xcel Energy’s off-peak EV rate, electric car drivers can take advantage of lower electric rates during off-peak charging 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. That can equate to about $1.00 per gallon3.

More details about Xcel Energy rate options.

Cleaner charging options

Driving clean and charging clean is a match made in low-carbon heaven. About a quarter of the electricity you receive from Xcel Energy already comes from renewable sources. To go even farther with low-cost clean energy, Windsource® allows Xcel Energy customers to pay a little extra every month to get more or all of their energy from renewable wind resources. This means electric car drivers can literally drive like the wind by recharging at home with Windsource. Get details here.

If you’d like more information to help you get charged up about electric vehicles, visit

Nissan® and Leaf® are Registered Trademarks owned by Nissan
3 Department of Energy
The eGallon price is calculated using the most recently available state by state residential electricity

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