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“Minnesota Nice” Price: Introducing an Instant $50 Rebate on Smart Thermostats

Uff-Da, that's quite the technology dontcha know?

By: | November 20, 2015 1:31 pm

It may be stereotypical but there’s always some truth to stereotypes. Minnesota nice has become known widely as behavior from people born and raised in Minnesota to be courteous, reserved, and mild-mannered.  And those attributes line up perfectly with a simple rebate offer that can be had instantly with ease–no fuss, no muss, just like how mild-mannered Minnesotans like it!

This is part of an automatic $50 rebate with free shipping on a variety of qualifying smart thermostats through the, a new online retail site being tested as part of a smart thermostat pilot program in Minnesota.* Watch this short video on smart thermostats to learn more.

Here are just some of the reasons why Smart Thermostats are becoming so popular with homeowners today:

  • Conveniently connect via Wi-Fi so you can adjust your home’s comfort whenever, wherever.
  • You set the comfort levels you like and let the system respond to your lifestyle and schedule.
  • Save energy by adjusting the temperature in your home as you come and go.

No thermostat can make up for a poorly insulated home. However, if you find yourself putting your thermostat on hold or just haven’t programmed it, try a smart thermostat. Manufacturers claim you can achieve energy savings of 20 to 30%. While third-party support of these claims is not yet available, it makes sense that if you fuss with your temperature often, then a smart thermostat is a good option. It will learn when to keep you comfortable and when the temperature can be lowered (saving you money).

Learn more about Smart Thermostats

* Smart Thermostat rebates available to Xcel Energy Minnesota residential rate electric customers with a single family home and central air conditioning. Rebates may be available for recently purchased smart thermostats. Mail-in rebates available for qualified smart thermostats you purchase from retailers. See web link above for details.

Start Shopping and get an instant $50 rebate today


A self-professed energy nerd, Paul loves to explore how technology trends are bringing convenience and surprising benefits to our lives.

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