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Meet One of Our Top Trade Partners: Uhl Company

A manufacturer’s heating, cooling and controls equipment rep

By: | October 20, 2016 3:35 pm

What’s another name for building automation systems? If you’re a business or facility in Minnesota or the neighboring tri-state region, chances are that name is “Uhl.” Started in Minnesota in 1917 as a pneumatic controls company, Uhl has evolved over the years to become a major area leader in building automation, efficiency controls, security systems, fire systems, mechanical and more.

Uhl has a wide range of customers that include large hospitals, corporations, manufacturers, school districts and tech companies.  Customers love Uhl for their depth of technology knowledge. “We shine in new technologies,” explains Tim Ley, President of Uhl. “Both management and staff members have technology backgrounds and work histories, giving Uhl an edge whether we’re providing service to customers or making decisions about product lines.”

They also shine in service. Uhl has developed their reputation on being a full-service company. With more than 40 service vans that assist customers 24/7 and 80 fleet vehicles, as well as a robust training program for business owners, automation system operators and facility managers, Uhl offers customers everything they need to get started with confidence and keep things running smoothly.

Uhl has also taken home the Xcel Energy Efficiency Partner Award each year the award has been offered. It’s a distinction given only to the top-performing trade companies who demonstrate a commitment to energy efficiency and to helping reap the greatest rebate and energy-consumption savings for the businesses they work with.

Since 2012, Uhl has completed more than 213 Xcel Energy-rebated efficiency projects earning Xcel Energy customers over $505,587 in Xcel Energy rebates. Uhl’s Energy Services division has, since its inception in 2010, found for their customers over $3.1 million in energy-related savings and earned an average project payback terms of 1.7 years. Xcel Energy rebate programs they have participated in include:

  • Data Center Efficiency
  • Cooling Efficiency
  • Efficiency Controls
  • Foodservice Equipment
  • Heating Efficiency
  • Motor and Drive Efficiency
  • Recommissioning

Uhl’s Energy Services division is also a leading recommissioning provider for Xcel Energy customers. Uhl Energy Services is experienced at improving building operation and occupancy comfort through recommissioning services. Buildings typically experience efficiency losses and degraded building operations over time, but Uhl helped our customers tune them up for peak efficiency. Uhl understands the value that Recommissioning offers as a lower-cost way to reduce energy costs compared to full replacement of large, expensive equipment or systems.  Additionally, recommissioning often qualifies for rebates that can pay for the cost of the studies and part of the cost of implementing the conservation opportunities.

Uhl Sales Manager, Corey Stauffeneker, offers this advice to others working in the trades, “Don’t leave rebates on the table. Rebates are a great way to make customers happy. They love the dollar savings and the fact that a product is rebate-eligible reinforces the understanding that what they are installing is highly efficient. In some sense, rebates lend credibility and confidence to customers’ purchasing decisions.”

Uhl has found so much value in customer rebates that they now regularly train and update their employees on rebate programs. It’s a company value that staff are well versed in rebates and can intelligently inform their customers about them.

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