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Meet One of Our Top Trade Partners: Mulcahy Company

Committed to the community and products that are energy efficient

By: | August 22, 2016 7:12 am

Mulcahy Company is a proud local manufacturer’s representative of equipment for heating, cooling and plumbing from some of the most important and innovative manufacturers around the globe. As Mulcahy Technical Application Specialist, Joe Mozeika, explains it, “We specialize in systems that deal with water and anything those systems might need.” Their products include boilers, pumps, cooling towers, heat exchangers, tanks, piping systems, motor control devices and variable speed drives, among a long list of others. And they are a Minnesota original. Founded in this state in 1929, Mulcahy has been a source for engineering and technical expertise for nearly nine decades.

Mulcahy has a longstanding commitment to products that are energy-efficient. They are a two-time winner of Xcel Energy’s Efficiency Partner Award, an honor given to our top achievers of commercial energy savings. Since 2010, Mulcahy has completed more than 390 Xcel Energy-rebated efficiency projects, earning their customers over $1.9 million in heating and motors and drives rebates.


Mulcahy is no ordinary manufacturer’s representative. Their professional interactions extend far beyond just selling boilers, pumps, VFDs and other equipment. Because of their deep technical expertise with the systems and components they sell, they frequently work with engineers to help design heating systems that are optimized for specific commercial spaces, and they work closely with installing contractors to determine the best ways to implement a system for maximum efficiency and performance. They are committed to their customers’ success with their systems, starting with representing only the highest quality equipment to consulting on optimal installation and set-up.

What’s more, they are a company that is committed to this community and to the HVAC and plumbing trades. Recently, Mulcahy donated a high-efficiency boiler to a local trade union’s office building and training center. The boiler replaced an old system that needed to be upgraded and now efficiently heats the whole building, while also serving as an important training tool for trade apprentices who are building their skills and knowledge about this equipment.

When asked how Xcel Energy rebates affect Mulcahy’s business, Rob Grady, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, explained, “When customers are looking to purchase equipment, rebates turn efficiency into a tangible benefit. The fact that a piece of equipment comes with a cash rebate from Xcel Energy says a lot about how highly the performance of that equipment is regarded.”

“Rebates bring down the cost of purchase for our customers,” added Joe Mozeika. “This helps justify the additional expense that often comes with high-performing equipment. Because of the operational advantages, customers are generally willing to pay a bit more for energy-efficient equipment, and the rebates help make that investment accessible and within reach.”

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