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Meet One of Our Top Trade Partners: Energy Management Corporation

EMC helps businesses earn rebates from Xcel Energy

By: | February 25, 2016 7:56 am

To improve energy efficiency, Colorado businesses rely on highly skilled contractors and distributors with extensive knowledge of efficient products, systems and installation. This month we’re putting the spotlight on Energy Management Corporation. They are the largest supplier of electric motors and drives in the Western Mountain Region, and they offer a full range of assessment, installation and repair services to commercial customers.

Since 2012, Energy Management Corporation has completed nearly 300 Xcel Energy-rebated efficiency projects, earning their customers over $1 million in motors and drives rebates. These projects have saved more than 9.9 million kWh. According to the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator, this is equivalent to removing 1,438 passenger vehicles from the road for a year, or saving the energy used by 623 homes for a year, or the use of 284,604 propane cylinders for backyard barbeques. Because of their impressive track record on efficiency, Energy Management Corporation is a multiple-year recipient of Xcel Energy’s Energy Efficiency Partner Award.


With more than four decades of industry know-how under their belts, Energy Management Corporation now has offices in Colorado, California, Idaho and Utah. Their clients come from a wide range of industries with facilities that include hospitals, municipal plants, schools, office buildings and more. A little known fact — Energy Management Corporation was the first to develop the harmonic filter, which provides early evidence that innovation is at the heart of their business and their approach to customers.

“What makes Energy Management Corporation unique is that we involve our customers in coming up with the solutions that will work best for their equipment situation,” says Lenny Fleck, Branch Manager with Energy Management Corporation. “Often, the best solution is one that also saves energy, so in a sense, energy efficiency goes hand in hand with maximizing performance. Many of our customers have discovered this and now demand technology that does both.”

One project where Energy Management Corporation helped a customer make big gains in efficiency involved a Colorado school. Despite the fact that the school and its HVAC equipment was relatively new, the belts for their air handlers were breaking frequently due to across-the-line starting. Energy Management Corporation helped them select and install VFDs to slow the start process and added high-quality, energy-efficient motors. Just 10 months later, the school was reporting a reduction of almost 25% in their HVAC-related energy use.

And what does Energy Management Corporation think of Xcel Energy’s efficiency rebates? “Working with Xcel Energy has been awesome,” said Lenny Fleck. “It allows us to effectively lower the price of the equipment for our customers and create energy savings for them at the same time. We always put our customers first in everything we do, and Xcel Energy really supports us in making their applications and projects a priority.”

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