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Go Green for Earth Day: 5 Ways Your Business Can Conserve Energy

5 ways your business can go green and save green—just in time for earth day

By: | April 19, 2016 10:17 am

Saving energy is good for the planet, and it’s often good for your bottom line, too. Here are 5 ways you can start to save, just in time for Earth Day.

Quick fixes to get the ball rolling.
Turning things off may seem too basic to mention, but if it’s done consistently the savings can add up. Some quick fixes that can conserve energy and help you save:

  • Add occupancy sensors and controls that turn off lights and regulate heating and cooling to save energy.
  • Use smart power strips with occupancy sensors that shut off plugged-in devices when no one is using them.

Maintenance that boosts efficiency.
Keeping your existing HVAC systems properly cleaned and maintained can minimize repairs and optimize energy efficiency.

  • Replace filters on a regular basis and add pipe insulation to reduce unnecessary heat loss.
  • If you’re noticing your gas consumption is unusually high compared to previous years, this could be a sign your boiler needs a tune-up. Regular tune-ups are one of the most effective ways to maintain the efficiency of your boiler.

Equipment upgrades that can save.
Upgrading to high-efficiency equipment can provide year-over-year energy savings, and some can pay for themselves in a short period of time.

  • Brighten your space with LEDs. In recent years, the quality of LED technology has gone up, while prices have come down. They’re energy-efficient, contain no mercury and have a long life span which can reduce maintenance costs.
  • Keep your business comfortable for less. If you’re using an older HVAC system, it could be expensive to maintain and use significantly more energy than newer models. Upgrading to high-efficiency equipment can help set up savings for the long term.

Discover even more savings opportunities.
If you want to get to the bottom of all the energy-saving opportunities available in your business, consider getting an on-site energy assessment. We subsidize many different types of assessments and make them available to our customers at a low cost.

Add renewables into your business energy mix.
Our Solar*Rewards® program can make installing solar panels more affordable. Or, you can purchase renewable energy from Windsource. Your commitment to renewable energy, with Xcel Energy’s partnership, can help your company meet sustainability goals, obtain LEED certification points and position your business as an environmental leader.

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