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Energy Efficiency Projects Transform Building

Helping Transform Young Lives

By: | July 1, 2014 12:17 pm

When a youngster faces personal challenges in their life, the most effective remedy is direct engagement with caring adults. It’s the principle idea driving St. Paul Youth Services.

Celebrating 40 years of Turning High Risk into High Hopes for local young people, St. Paul Youth Services were in a unique situation. The nonprofit was in the midst of converting a 1960s call center into their office and education center. They wanted to take advantage of any energy efficiency projects and opportunities as they repurposed the facility. Several energy audits from different vendors were being considered. But Xcel Energy’s Turn Key Services offered a plan that delivered real value for this important link within the community.

Turn Key Services provides much more than an assessment

What made Xcel Energy stand out was its ability to take an energy assessment to a new, more meaningful level of engagement. As a nonprofit, St. Paul Youth Services had no formal facilities manager. By assisting with the project, Xcel Energy’s dedicated implementation specialist managed the contractors to help keep the entire process running smoothly. One of the building committee members for St. Paul Youth Services shared, “they had all the things we needed, including financial rebates and a Turn Key rebate bonus that we were able to apply to equipment costs.” From rebate applications to final payments, the implementation specialist made certain every rebate opportunity was signed, sealed and delivered. In all, St. Paul Youth Services received $20,414 in savings across five rebates and a special 30% Turn Key bonus rebate.

The Results: By the Numbers

Xcel Energy Rebates:   $14,689

Turn Key Services Bonus Rebates:   $5,725

Total Rebate:   $20,414

Estimated Annual Electric Cost Savings:   $4,596

Kilowatt Hours Saved:   41,813

Estimated Annual Gas Cost Savings:   $3,109

Therms Savings:   4,589

Annual Savings: $7,705 
A better use of available resources — by using fewer energy resources

Heating, cooling and lighting are constant expenses that affect any organization’s bottom line each month. So finding long-term efficiencies can mean cost savings. And for a nonprofit, that can help fund staff, materials and other types of support. Using fewer energy resources can mean a better balance of your internal allocation of resources. So more of the organization’s effort can go to where it matters most – serving young people.

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