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Drive away with an affordable electric vehicle in Wisconsin

If a Nissan LEAF is on your wish list, now is the time to act.

By: | March 10, 2017 9:00 am

The dream of owning an electric vehicle (EV) is fast becoming more feasible for many consumers. The reality of reducing carbon emissions, saving the environment and purchasing an electric vehicle may not be a dream. Now’s the time to go green with incentives you can’t pass up on the Nissan LEAF®.

  1. Xcel Energy customers can purchase a Nissan LEAF by August 31, 2017 and receive a $10,000 incentive*. Read below to find out about eligibility and what you need to do to take advantage of this offer from Nissan at two participating dealerships in La Crosse and Eau Claire.
  1. Earn up to $7,500 in federal tax credits. Consult a tax specialist to learn more about eligibility and how to receive this tax credit.
  1. Charge your EV at home for as low as $1 per gasoline gallon equivalent. As an Xcel Energy customer, you may select our Time-of-Day rate and charge your vehicle affordably during off-peak hours.


What you need to know to get in on the deal

Bring in your Xcel Energy bill or show your online bill account with your account number to either of these dealerships: Pischke Motors Nissan in La Crosse and Eau Claire Nissan.

Xcel Energy supports your EV dreams

With all the EVs on the market, we are not advocating one EV manufacturer over another. It’s our goal to help you drive electric easily and affordably, and be your resource to charging your EV when the time and offer is right. Visit and join our EV network to hear more about EV technologies, events, ways we help make charging simple and other related topics.

To learn more about the Nissan LEAF visit



*$10,000 incentive is off of MSRP and cannot be combined with any other Offers or Nissan incentives (Rebates, APR or Leases). This offer applies to all new 2017 Nissan LEAFs purchased from a participating dealer that is located in a qualifying market, and purchased during the qualifying period for such qualifying market. Does not include leased Nissan LEAF vehicles. See your local participating Nissan Dealer for complete details.
Image courtesy of Nissan.



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