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Discover How Xcel Energy is Helping Fill the STEM Gap

STEM a growing educational and career path

By: | May 11, 2015 5:34 pm

Smart phone apps, artificial human organs, drones, more predictive weather forecasts and new energy sources and transmission technology for the coming century are just a few of the modern marvels coming at us—all the time! And it takes a rock solid understanding of math and science to invent, test, maintain and bring all these amazing high-tech things to us.

With this growing demand for jobs that emphasize the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics—the idea of STEM as an educational and career path has blossomed over the last decade.

Executive’s #1 Priority

The Wall Street Journal reported the number one priority for today’s CEOs is developing the 21st Century workforce. “We’re working harder than ever to recruit the best available talent in the STEM fields that are critical to keeping our operations running smoothly,” said Darla Figoli, vice president, Human Resources and Employee Services at Xcel Energy.

STEM Magazine, part of Victory Media, a workforce development firm specializing in connecting classrooms to careers created a Top 25 List of STEM Jobs Approved Employers for 2015. This is the first of its kind in helping job candidates, students, parents and counselors assess how employers are responding to the STEM skills gap and how education translates into real-world jobs.

How is Xcel Energy Helping?

Xcel Energy (ranked #7) and the other companies in the Top 25 are doing four things better than the competition:

1) Strengthening the connection between classrooms and careers

2) Attracting and supporting greater diversity among STEM professionals and fields

3) Creating and providing opportunities for students, graduates and new employees to discover and experience new career options

4) Committed to the career development and success of our employees

Xcel Energy’s Added Emphasis on Diversity

“A great example of our engagement in the diversity hiring space is our involvement with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and National Society of Black Engineers,” Figoli continues. “We’ve also been very active in recruiting and advancing women in our STEM jobs. In addition, we have a variety of internship and apprenticeship programs that help train student engineers into careers with our company.”

Learn more about the STEM Jobs Approved Employers here.


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