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Haynes Mechanical Leverages Actionable Intelligence for Positive Business Outcomes.

Provides facility managers meaningful ways to use energy more efficiently.

By: | June 27, 2017 8:35 pm

Ready or not, we’re entering a new digital era where data and technology are joining to provide opportunities we never thought possible in containing the life-cycle costs of commercial buildings. The terms may be familiar to you, big data, IoT (Internet of Things) smart devices and network connectivity.

And the speed of this progress is bewildering. If it feels like the advancement of technology is accelerating exponentially, your intuition is right. Technology of all kinds is on an upswing like never before. Cisco Systems research will tell us that the adoption rate of digital infrastructure is five times faster than the acceptance rate of electricity and the telephone. That adds up to the implementation of 50 billion smart objects which monitor and control everything from valves, thermostats, pumps, toasters, to your front door.

With all these smart devices gathering information, it can create a traffic jam of data. And data without context is just data. But data with monitoring and analysis can turn into actionable intelligence. This holistic approach to actionable intelligence provides facility managers meaningful ways to use energy more efficiently while enhancing tenant comfort. And it’s working for Haynes Mechanical.

Two software components bring the data into context
Haynes uses two software tools that are teamed with quarterly face-to-face engagements to drive their Energy Services for commercial buildings.

• Haynes Energy Insights evaluates your facility’s monthly utility costs, energy costs, ENERGY STAR® score and carbon footprint.
• Haynes Analytics examines how your mechanical equipment is delivering comfort and energy efficiency.

An integrated process
Haynes Mechanical outlines a four-step process that helps define your unique energy-use situation to best align with potential energy efficiency efforts. By considering where you are and where you need to be, your business can methodically begin this purpose-driven journey.

1. Seek to understand – How are your buildings performing?
2. Prioritize needs – Which buildings are improving or getting worse?
3. Implement the plan – Focus on the best savings opportunities
4. Measure – Are improvements paying off?

Haynes helps your arrive at a place where building automation, energy & environmental systems intersect to develop a long-range integration that leverages the most effective resources.

Recognizing the setbacks
We understand it can be difficult for organizations to think long-term. We all like to see progress happen immediately. The cost over time factor is an important aspect to consider. In essence, this means with good analytics you can have a preventative game plan which brings awareness to problematic issues.
Too often a lack of information within a building or campus just perpetuates an attitude of letting your equipment run to failure. Unfortunately, this leads to unpredictable breakdowns and expensive emergency repairs.
The Insights and Analytics software can also help building owners and management hedge against future regulatory mandates. Plus, with cumulative investment in energy efficiency along the way, there is the potential for a more attractive building resale values.

Working results
Several commercial buildings in the Denver area have seen positive results after implementing the Insight and Analytics software. By addressing challenges such as energy waste and tenant discomfort, the process was able to find performance issues with Air Handling Units (AHU) and Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes. When these issues were remedied, utility costs dropped, and the buildings were more comfortable. Plus, data was collected which provided more accurate ways to monitor energy use and more defined equipment replacement schedules.

Xcel Energy is committed to helping businesses and organizations run leaner by leveraging today’s most innovative energy efficiency solutions to help bring actionable intelligence as part of their operational excellence.


A self-professed energy nerd, Paul loves to explore how technology trends are bringing convenience and surprising benefits to our lives.

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