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Colorado Lighting and Xcel Energy team up to bring energy savings

Providing lighting design and smart solutions for customers

By: | February 20, 2017 7:41 pm

Colorado Lighting, Inc. was founded in 1977 and has steadily grown over the past 40 years. They are very proud of their accomplishments to date; a pride they feel is reflected in their company and the work they perform. For the last 25 years, Chris Frank and Colorado Lighting have been helping Xcel Energy customers find the right lighting solution when it’s time to upgrade. Frank says it’s not just about choosing the cheapest fixtures to help them save energy and money, but about the right lighting design for the space.

“We are design- and solution-driven so we look at the type of fixtures customers might need; we consider the environment and what tasks are being performed in the space as well as what rebates are available,” explains Frank. “We typically establish a design that’s done in-house with our engineering staff and provide a turnkey solution.”

Every building is different and Frank says the fact-finding process is always important. “Our sales team will review the need for occupancy sensors or controls, whether the customer would prefer an automation system, as well as how technologically savvy they are,” explains Frank.

“We are able to differentiate the various solutions based on the occupant and task. No two building are alike,” says Frank. “A high-end manufacturing facility requires more sophisticated lighting needs than a 100,000 square foot warehouse with open floor storage.”

Frank says that determining a long-term solution that will help the customer save energy and money over time is always the best course. It’s a model that’s serves Colorado Lighting and their customers well.

Colorado Lighting began in the Denver area serving commercial, industrial and retail customers. They have expanded into seven other states and have partnered with Xcel Energy since the energy provider began offering rebate programs over 25 years ago.

“I remember when you had to put a deposit down to participate in the first rebate program,” says Frank. “Now, they have multiple staff dedicated entirely to working on rebate applications for customers.”

Colorado Lighting’s history with Xcel Energy is more like a partnership. Their principals, Norma and Vic Frank, served on the first rebate council and have also served on the advisory board. They have seen the programs change over the years, and the company has worked with just about every energy efficiency program Xcel Energy offers.

Together, Colorado Lighting and Xcel Energy have accomplished impressive numbers bringing in over 19 gigawatts of energy to Xcel Energy’s lighting programs since 2012.

“Many of our small business customers don’t have an Xcel Energy account manager and can really use the guidance from a trusted resource,” says Derek Shockley, Xcel Energy trade relations manager. “That’s where trade partners like Colorado Lighting come in. They educate the customer and make sound recommendations that will save them energy and money.”

And the work isn’t done once the lights are installed. Maintaining a lighting system includes verifying light output, color shift and cleaning, along with measurement and verification. Frank says their maintenance service accounts for 50% of their business.

“With our longstanding customer relationships, we’ve successfully implemented four generations of energy-efficient upgrades. Because we maintain the systems and are dedicated to knowing the latest technology, we are able to assess upgrade opportunities at the appropriate time,” Frank says.

“We don’t believe in sub-par products or service. We use top quality manufactures and make solid long-term recommendations.”

The recommendations are working. And so is the partnership – with no signs of slowing down.

To learn more about Colorado Lighting, visit For more information about Xcel Energy’s commercial programs and rebates, visit

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