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Campbell-Sevey: Proven Efficiency Collaborator

Helping customers save energy through steam, air, water solutions

By: | February 17, 2017 2:05 pm

When it comes to helping customers with steam, air and water solutions, Xcel Energy looks to Campbell-Sevey.

Operating since 1937 and now celebrating 80 years, Campbell-Sevey provides products and support services in boiler rooms and for steam, air, and water system design, operation, and maintenance for their customers. As a result of their efforts, and their work with Xcel Energy, their customers have realized substantial savings in energy, time, and money.

“Our collaboration has expanded through the years as interest in saving energy has increased,” says Charlie Thomas, Campbell-Sevey Sales and Marketing. “Products and technology have improved to allow for this to happen.  At the same time, Xcel Energy has increased its energy efficiency rebate programs and offerings making it possible for our customers to invest in that technology.”

The Campbell-Sevey team understands that their customers’ goals include:

  • Saving energy and maintenance costs on a recurring annual basis
  • Improving the reliability and efficiency of plant infrastructure and equipment
  • Reducing downtime and increasing equipment longevity
  • Using Xcel Energy’s custom and prescriptive rebate programs to partially fund their energy savings efforts

“Many times, we work jointly with our customers to improve process efficiency or eliminate pinch points. This allows for an energy savings component where Xcel Energy participates,” explains Thomas. “Another great program we collaborate on is steam trap audits where our customers enjoy ongoing natural gas savings due to repairing or replacing wasteful failed steam traps.”

“Without the rebate programs, many of these projects would not make economic sense for our mutual customer base,” says Steve Graves, Campbell-Sevey Vice President.

Many of Campbell-Sevey’s core values equate to strong and lasting customer service.

“We strongly believe in knowledge, experience and a collaborative team approach,” explains Graves. “Our sales and service team have the technical knowledge, product knowledge, training and field experience to develop a product configuration that precisely fits our customers’ needs. Plus, we don’t work on commission so the solutions we recommend are determined only by what is in the best interest of our customers – based on their needs, not ours.”

Products and service are critical components to success. To produce superior results, Campbell-Sevey only uses superior products from manufacturers that are industry leaders in performance and reliability. Then they back up their products by providing immediate technical support and troubleshooting with site visits, or by phone or e-mail, as well as product and system training and start-up support. This ensures systems are designed and installed properly, and perform at maximum efficiency for years.

“Over the past five years, Campbell-Sevey projects have saved their customers 2,286,029 therms of natural gas,” says Pat Berger, Xcel Energy Trade Relations Manager. “Their commitment to customers is why Xcel Energy gave them Efficiency Partner awards in 2015 and 2016. They’re eligible to receive it every year so I wouldn’t be surprised if they get it again.”

“Working together benefits everyone,” says Thomas. “We help customers find process and equipment solutions; Xcel Energy provides the rebates and achieves their demand side management goals, and companies save energy and money to boost their bottom line.”

To learn more about Campbell-Sevey, visit their website at For more information about Xcel Energy’s commercial programs and rebates, visit

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