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Businesses Find Energy Efficiency, Right In Their Ceilings!

Looking to LEDs For Savings

By: | May 15, 2014 4:57 pm

Today, maintaining the bottom line for any business is a challenging reality. And the reality is we have lethargic economy coupled with price pressures from healthcare, cyber security, technology and the hanging threat of inflation. All these reasons (and more) are forcing companies to make every dollar go further. So finding cost savings through energy efficiency for your business in regular, everyday expenses can be a very good thing.


LED lighting can have a 30-year life and provides a brighter, more natural light, due to a wider bandwidth of white light.

More and more forward-thinking companies are simply looking up for this. They are realizing that by replacing traditional troffer fluorescent or incandescent lighting systems hanging in their dropped ceilings with LED lighting, they can save now and long into the future.

LEDs are the new standard of high performance lighting

When comparing the new LED fixture and elements to incandescent or fluorescent light sources, the benefits of LEDs really add up. LEDs:

  • Use less energy, thus lowering electric usage and expense
  • Operate at a cooler temperature – less air conditioning, and for brightly lighted  retail areas that can have a big impact
  • Last much  longer—often having a 30-year life
  • Provide a brighter, more natural light, due to a wider bandwidth of white light

So is it an investment if you save money?

Investments usually make money. However using less electricity can help out your monthly cash flow and that can be a real advantage for any business. But getting there by leveraging longer-term thinking may be required. Here’s a related story to help you better understand ways to look at Energy Efficiency Paybacks. It’s smart to weigh out how any energy efficiency effort will be effective in terms of what will be helpful now and later. Yes, the annual return on investment (ROI) will be scrutinized by the folks in accounting and by the CEO. But another factor to consider is worker and customer and comfort. This can really affect the productivity and morale of your workers—and can be an important, yet subtle factor in the effectiveness of your sales operations with regard to your customers. After all, your brand is really the experience customers have with you. And lighting can play a significant role in that. So let’s consider the now and then of LED troffers … The short-term advantages

  • Rebates to offset installation costs
  • Noticeably brighter light

The long-term advantages

  • Less energy use each month
  • Longer lifetime of lighting elements
  • Cooler operations may mean less air conditioning capacity is needed

There you have it … some basic logic for replacing your incandescent or fluorescent light sources with new LED troffers. Learn more about rebates and other incentives available for LED lighting.


A self-professed energy nerd, Paul loves to explore how technology trends are bringing convenience and surprising benefits to our lives.

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