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Think Hot Water Pipe Insulation is an Outdated Idea?

Your Facility and Bottom Line Will Thank You

By: | March 26, 2014 1:30 pm

Not with 90% reduction in energy loss!  

Pipes wrapped up tight. Like mechanization from factories of the past, they just look so Dickensian and old world. But don’t be fooled by the look. The secret is in the value of the efficiency. Insulated hot water pipes can typically reduce energy losses by 90 percent. And saving money with efficiency never goes out of style. Especially when you have a bottom line to meet. In fact, any surface of your commercial boiler system operates at over 120° F will benefit from insulation, and that includes:

  • Boiler surfaces
  • Steam fittings
  • Condensate return piping
  • Other fittings

Hot Water: Important for comfort and your budget

Commercial systems used for space heating and water heating can account for approximately 20%–64% of your energy costs. So how you efficiently use that resource may have an effect on your energy usage and bills.

Insulation: Too often a neglected area of energy efficiency

Insulation frequently becomes damaged or removed and never replaced. This happens over time or even during steam system repair.

To avoid energy waste:

  • Damaged or wet insulation should be repaired or replaced immediately to avoid compromising the insulation value.
  • Eliminate sources of moisture prior to insulation replacement. Leaks from valves, external pipes, tubes or adjacent equipment can cause wet insulation.
  • After steam lines are insulated, changes in heat flows can influence other parts of the steam system

Not Your Grandfather’s Insulated Boiler Pipe

Today, high technology materials are advancing pipe insulation R-value efficiency even more. While mineral wool, glass wool and even rigid foam were the historical favorites, today flexible elastomeric foams, Aerogel and polyethylene are more common materials for insulated hot water pipes.

Rebates may cover up to 60% of your project costs

Explore the potential of offsetting improvement costs to your heating equipment by using  prescriptive rebates for natural gas pipe insulation on your existing commercial heating systems.

Learn more about real life examples and rebates available


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